Colors for hair are liquid preparations or soluble substances that used to stain, tint or highlight hair. When different hair colors are subtracted or added to normal hair color can give several shades and hues. Eugene Scheuller, a French chemist first found the concept of hair coloring in the year 1909. He created hair coloring based on paraphenylenediamine, a chemical. Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are the key ingredients of all the different hair colors. Hydrogen peroxide will create colors that will last for a long time. On the other hand, when ammonia is added to hydrogen peroxide, it will make the color to infuse into the cortex. Selecting the right highlights or best shades is based on several factors. Selecting the right hair color from different hair colors depends on personal taste, eye color, hair length, facial expression, facial shape, complexion, haircut and facial expression. Different hair colors come with several intensities and shades. Colors can be cool or warm depending on the tone or intensity. Some of the warm tones are shades of yellows, reds and oranges. On the other hand shades of greens, violets and blues are some of the cool tones.

Hair Colors For People With Different Eye Color, Skin Tones And Personal Taste

Cool people should avoid warm tones, because using warm tones may lower down the features of these people. Burgundy, lipstick red and orchid hues are the best shades for the people who are cool. On the other hand, warm people should opt for golden blondes and gold highlights. Cool tones are the best for people who have olive complexion. People with medium complexion can also do well with cool tones. Selecting a cool or warm tone depends on the color of eyes too. Dark blue, deep brown and gray blur are the cool eye colors, whereas hazel, golden brown and green are warm eye colors. Nowadays, charts that have different hair colors are made available. Such charts are used by the people as a guide for selecting hair colors. When it comes to selecting the right color from the different hair colors in the market, people should select colors based on their skin color. For instance, people with natural toned complexions will look good with bronze, dark blonde and chocolate brown shades. People with blonde skin will do well with virgin dark brown. So, there are different hair colors for people with different skin tones.

Different Types of Hair Colors

Several hair dye colors have been used for coloring the hair depending on the personal taste and features of people. When it comes to different hair colors, there are two types of hair colors namely permanent and temporary hair color. Temporary colors won’t ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. This type of colors will coat the cuticle and after one shampoo the color will fade. The semi permanent colors have been used on people with gray hairs. Such colors blend with our hair and they will start fading after a few weeks. Demi-permanent colors come with low peroxide and they are for people with gray hair and these colors normally fade after 2 months. Permanent colors come with both peroxide and ammonia and these colors need to be applied once in four or six weeks.