You know Kim Kardashian? Even though you may not interest in her, you have to admit that she’s the hot fashion icon in recent years. Her style, her look, and her appearance are what the girls want to be for once in their life. In this article, we mainly focus on her makeup. She is the person that always creates the new makeup trend in each season, different events, and so forth. If you want to have a flawless look under the flash light, don’t go anywhere as we offer the topic Kim Kardashian makeup tutorial. Please keep track on this article to have a gorgeous appearance.

How To Apply The Kim Kardashian Makeup?

To have Kim Kardashian inspired look, you can use the following tutorial as the reference:

Step 1: You need to take care of the skin by preparing the cleanser, skin toner, and moisturizer. We highly recommend you to mix the MAC strobe cream into the moisturizer. This can give you a healthy glow, even after applying the makeup.

Step 2: Apply the face and body foundation to your bare face, including the eyelids. Sweep the cream from each part carefully (from the forehand, and then, go down). Once the foundation was covered, use a small amount of concealer under your eyes to hide your blemishes.

Step 3: Move to the eyes – apply a line of loose powder under the eye to avoid the falling eyeshadow. It can easily be swept away when using mascara. Don’t forget to draw a thick line of eyeshadow on the bottom of the lash line.

*Tip: If you apply the false eyelashes, just wait around 30 seconds after sticking with the glue. It can be easier when removing them.

Step 4: Let’s do the highlight for the face. Kim Kardashian usually uses the dark tones for her makeup. So, you should begin with the darker shades. After that, you can do the highlight or blending if you want. Mainly focus on 3 keys – the cheekbones, nose, and forehead.

Kim Kardashian Mascara Makeup

Step 5: Move down to the lips – use a nude lip liner to draw the lip line. If you don’t have any clue, nude lips are Kim Kardashian’s signature look. However, make sure you pick the suitable nude color for your skin tone. Then, complete the look by using eyebrow liner.

Finally, this tutorial can’t complete without adding pressed powder to accentuate the shading under the cheekbones as well as the hidden parts under the eyes, the forehead, center of the nose, and on the chin. Hope you successful with this tutorial!

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