For many brown-eyed girls out there, you have lots of choices when it comes down to doing the perfect eye makeup. With no opposite or complementary color on the color wheel, brown eyes can easily mix and match with any eyeshadow colors (from light to dark). If you want to look for any makeup tips for brown eyes, don’t go anywhere.

Here, we’d like to offer you any advice to help your eyes stand out. Let’s check out these tips below to know the right way in applying eye makeup.

Makeup tips for brown eyes with makeup mirrors mostly focus on the dramatic look and the natural look. Brown-eyed girls can easily apply the darkest color that other women have to pass on. Of course, there’s no one kind of brown color. In eye colors, there’re many different levels. With each level, you will have different makeup tips that tell you which is the color look suitable on you and which one you should avoid.

Eye Makeup Tips: 4 Brown Levels

You’re Dark-Brown Eyed Girls?

In this darkest level of brown, we could consider this color as black. The eyeshadow that are in the medium to dark color range will be the perfect choice for you. However, the eyeshadow makeup can sometimes look too dark or harsh. That’s why you should use the highlighter with a light color to accentuate your brown eye color.

You’re Medium-Brown Eyed Girls?

If you’re in the medium level, your eyes can easily go well with any colors, such as violets, purples, mauves, and more. All look great on you! In some occasions, you can change your style by trying metallic colors (gold, bronze, copper, and silver). We must say green is also perfect for your eyes. To make something different, do the dramatic makeup or apply multiple colors.

You’re Light-Brown Eyed Girls?

This level is quite complicated. Do you have any golden eyeliner? Use it as the highlight for your eye makeup. Remember not to apply much dark eyeshadow if you’re light brown. Instead of using black eyeliner, you may want to take a look at dark brown one.

You’re Hazel-Eyed Girls?

If you own hazel eyes (a great combination of green and brown), you should consider the colors that are a little darker than your skin tone. There’re 2 colors that look great on you – champagne and mauve. You can also combine the eyeshadow with different colors of the eyeliner or highlighter, such as apricot, violet, bronze, and dark brown. Try to avoid using black eyeliner, ok?

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