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Smokey Eye Tutorial For Brown Eyes

Smokey eye is the technique of makeup that can make your eyes look so strong, dramatic, and, of course, beautiful. Recently, this eye makeup is quite popular as many Korean female artists use it to accentuate their amazing look. If you pay close attention, the smokey makeup is suitable best for the brown eye as …


Kim Kardashian Makeup Tutorial

You know Kim Kardashian? Even though you may not interest in her, you have to admit that she’s the hot fashion icon in recent years. Her style, her look, and her appearance are what the girls want to be for once in their life. In this article, we mainly focus on her makeup. She is …


Natural Eye Makeup Step By Step

People always say: “The eyes are the window into the soul (or at least the mind)”. Do you want to grab others’ attention at the first sight? It’s time to learn how to bring out the charm in your eyes! Instead of put a thick makeup on the eyes, the majority prefer a simple and …


Makeup Tips For Brown Eyes

For many brown-eyed girls out there, you have lots of choices when it comes down to doing the perfect eye makeup. With no opposite or complementary color on the color wheel, brown eyes can easily mix and match with any eyeshadow colors (from light to dark). If you want to look for any makeup tips …