Nipple cream can be a valuable ally to make breastfeeding pleasant and free of painful consequences for the mother. The possibility that the sucking does not start at its best and that cuts are created in the nipple can determine the continuation of breastfeeding or the transition to formula. In general, the choice of moisturizing the nipples, breasts, and the parts subject to greater stress due to pregnancy is to be recommended regardless of whether to breastfeed. But finding the right product at the right time may not be as easy as you think. Some are chosen by new mothers for their speed and effectiveness and must also be perfectly compatible with the needs of the newborn. Medela – PureLan 100 harnesses the soothing properties of lanolin for quick relief of breast fissures. Vea protective moisturizing base oil is the undisputed reference point for new mothers who do not want to risk the appearance of stretch marks, quickly heal fissures, and heel red butts.

How to choose the best nipple cream

Good nipple cream is able to save the first days of post-partum from very intense and mostly useless suffering. The beauty of breastfeeding is that it is an extremely pleasant time for mom and baby. Net of any disturbance. Choose the best nipple cream.

Buying Guide

Why a nipple cream

The price of these cosmetics sometimes seems prohibitive and often one wonders if it is really necessary to add them to the many expenses that motherhood entails. Yet the possibility of suffering from breast fissures is less remote than you think, it is easy to solve but it can discourage new mothers from continuing this moment of pure intimacy with the baby.

The short frenulum of the baby’s tongue, a difficult birth that fatigues the mother and a baby that has no energy for sucking, or the wrong position of the breast attachment or a sudden whipping that causes mastitis. There are many causes that can stress the nipple, whose skin is among the most delicate and sensitive of the whole body.

Making this part more elastic and hydrated helps make it more resistant during the difficulties that characterize the very first days of post-partum. Those who compare prices understand the usefulness of this expense, better if a few weeks or months earlier than the date of delivery.

The composition of a good cream

In the ranking, we particularly insist on creams that contain lanolin. It is a substance derived from sheep’s wool. A natural wax that serves to protect and isolate the sheep’s fleece from exposure to atmospheric agents.

It is perfect for creating a surface patina that allows the skin beneath to replenish quickly. We have not left out the review of products rich in vitamin E. These are also very useful for carrying out their purpose in the best possible way.

Do you want to know a tip typical of midwives? Colostrum and milk in general are also perfect for helping to recover quickly after the appearance of cuts around the areola.

When to start using the cream

On the market, there are many products designed to treat emergencies and others designed to prepare sensitive parts for childbirth. Good skin elasticity, deep hydration, and perfect compatibility with the needs of the newborn and the new mother are important requirements to start off on the right foot.

Good almond oil can be used to prepare the body, from the perineum to the nipples passing through the hips, belly, and legs that tend to get marked with stretch marks. Especially because the best brand of these creams tends to have a significant cost and should be used sparingly.