Smokey eye is the technique of makeup that can make your eyes look so strong, dramatic, and, of course, beautiful. Recently, this eye makeup is quite popular as many Korean female artists use it to accentuate their amazing look. If you pay close attention, the smokey makeup is suitable best for the brown eye as brown color can mix and match any color and style. Obviously, there’re a couple of pretty girls want to do this makeup but don’t know how to make a perfect one. Yeah, you found the right place! Here, we’ll show you the smokey eye tutorial for brown eyes. It’s quite simple so that you can follow easily.

Prepping Your Face

  1. Wash, clean, and dry your face: use the cleanser, makeup remover, and the cotton ball to remove any leftover makeup, dirt, and oil from your skin.
  2. Apply facial moisturizer to your skin to keep your skin moist. Importantly, the makeup can intact all day.
  3. Use your foundation and concealer before doing eye makeup. Don’t forget to apply a thin layer of foundation to your eyelids.

Do the Smokey Eye

  1. Apply cream shadow: take an eyeshadow brush to cover your eyelids with a dark gray or black cream shadow. Please cover eyeshadow from the top lashes to the eye’s crease. This cream shadow is considered as a protector as it keeps the powdered shadow in place for longer.
  2. Cover cream shadow by using powdered shadow of the same color: Look for an eyeshadow in dark gray, blue-gray, or black and use a brush to put it on your skin gentle to create an ombre effect.
  3. Use a Brush to Mixture the Shadow at the Crease.
  4. Do the highlight for your brow bone: take an eyeshadow brush and apply gold or nude shadow underneath the arch of your brow. You can also use shimmering shadow onto the inner corners of the eye to create a brightening effect.
  5. Apply the eyeliner: you can choose dark gray, dark blue or black eyeliner. Draw a thick line for your upper lashes and a thin line for the lower lashes’ outer corners.
  6. Do the mascara: apply 2-3 layers of gray or black mascara to the upper lashes. If you want a dramatic look, do the lower lashes as well.

After finishing the eye makeup, you can move to the face makeup. Remember when you follow the smokey eye style; your face must look as much natural as possible. Here are those simple steps about how to make smokey eyes. You can try it at home!

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